UPDATE: A Response by General Aquino to Our Blog on "Mind War" Psychops

Vatic Note:  In keeping with our belief that open  and free flow of information is critical to the effective search for truth, AND in support of our 1st Amendment of free speech, we are publishing in full, a written response by email, of Retired Lt. Colonel Aquino, to our blog about him and his Mind War psychops program that we profiled a while back on this site.

Please read and note a couple of comments I have to point out in red near those subjects, which are primarily questions and we would welcome answers and would publish them as he answers them.  To be honest, I believe some of what he says, and since he is retired....  I suspect he doesn't really have to care much any more where his job is concerned and thus is not hiding truth as "he" sees it.  But you read and decide.

Here is the original article that he is referencing all of these comments to.  Have a gander and let us know what you think.

Email response by Retired Lt. Colonel Aquino, IN FULL.  VM

"Dear VM,

My attention just called to your discussion of MindWar at:


(1) Thanks for the promotion, but I retired from the Army in 2006 as a humble Lt. Colonel. :-)  (True! We promoted him, and they didn't take our suggestion and make him a General.  lol)

(2) I was indeed a Satanist 1969-75, but have not been one since. For the past 38 years & continuing, I have been a Setian, which has nothing whatever to do with Judæo/Christian mythology.   (VN: here is where I have some questions. Was it you who put satanism into the official documents of the military as a legitimate religion? And was that not after 1975?  And were you also the Head of the Church of Satan after Lavey,  nationally and was that also after 1975? Finally, were you not also on a talk show with Oprah Winfrey and admitted your satanism, and was that also after 1975.   Just asking.  We hope you will answer them on this blog.  Thanks for being so open about all this and initiating the contact.)

(3) That old 1980 "From PSYOP to MindWar" paper was just a staff study to inject a little zip into post-Vietnam Army PSYOP. Want a 2013 update? (I have no reason to disbelieve you about the 1980 paper you wrote, however, then if that is the case why did you do one for 2013 and who was it for?  Given the condition of our nation as we speak, which is in a war between the foreign infiltrators of our government and our people, it seems to be more than a coincidence that this emerges this year.  Having said that, its possible its just a coincidence, but not  any less dangerous to us in the wrong hands, which is clearly the case currently in our own government and pentagon.  Care to comment on that? )


Michael A. Aquino

If you have any questions for Lt Colonel Aquino, please put them into the comments section and hopefully we can get a good informative dialogue going here that will  educate everyone who bothers to read it.   

A second email from the Lt. Colonel with a bit more information.  This was an answer to my query about the "Setian" He referenced above.  this below was his response

An initiate of the [ancient Egyptian] Temple of Set:

Simplest introduction is probably my ebook Black Magic:


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Anonymous said...

You still enjoy molesting innocent children, Mr. Aquino?

Michael Aquino said...

I have never molested any child, period. My wife and I were victims of an Army chaplain's 1987 "SRA" scam to defraud the government of $3 million in a fake claim, and that became a media circus and inspired various copycat cranks, that's all. Details at http://www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/PSFSummary.pdf

Xeper33 said...

Mr. Aquino is it at all possible get a autographed book?
Would addressing you at your site be a better shot?

Anonymous said...

Do you know a Douglas Dietrich ? I heard this guy on the radio a few months back and he was referring to you.

Vatic Master said...

no, I don't know him, was it good or bad? I hope it was good. Did he say where he had contact with us? I have done some radio shows across the country, and that might be where he heard of us.

Anonymous said...

My apology there,

I thought Aquino was answering.

I only meant in his (Dietrich's) shows he refers to Lt. Col Aquino a good bit. I can't sort out what's true from distorted facts with Dietrich, that's why I figured I'd get a second insight here.

Sorry about that, thought you were Aquino.

Vatic Master said...

No, its my apology... I moderate the comments from a different site where he original post is not laid out, and I thought you were talking to us or me. After reading your comment, this time, I went to the site to try and figure out what was up with that.

You are in the right here, your comment was intend for Lt. Colonel Aquino. I hope he will answer these questions for him that others have put up. Thanks for caring and commenting.